Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


Reporting player details - units, zetas, relics, mods, ...

Recommend next zetas or gear based on your roster

Recommend team compositions based on your roster

Authenticate to check tickets and guild event participation

Authenticate to export unequipped mods and gear

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Monitor your character and ship arenas and recieve DM alerts when dropped

Lite Bot

Provide monitoring for your whole userbase or alliance

Direct connection to game for zero api-bottlenecks

Full Bot (includes above)

Reporting arena details such as payout times, payout history, squad compositions

Customize your notifications on climbs, dropps, payouts, and more

Compare you your roster, or custom roster with your grand arena opponents

Maximiaze your shard rewards with rotation, attack and avoid suggestions

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Reporting guild details such as units, zetas, relics, mods

Organize, visualize and dispatch your TW defenses

Check tickets, raid, TW and TB participation and spam inactive users

Estimate territory battle completion and rewards

Direct connection to game for zero api-bottlenecks

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